How do you not get caught graffiti? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Musical Artifacts

This is the kind of question you can’t expect to answer, which leaves a lot of people feeling that they don’t have to be better to be more creative. You can’t become a better writer for example than someone with the skills you have, you can’t write better than someone who has more years of experience with a pen, or a pencil or any other medium. What you have to do is use what you know, and learn new techniques. Don’t believe me? Ask any talented street artist what techniques they used before they had the skill to write better than a blank canvas. You see people with lots of free time, have access to a sketchbook and sketch pad and can’t get their hands on a digital pen. These people don’t have to be better or more creative. They are only better for whatever the medium they are using to represent, to communicate their ideas.

Is everyone allowed to do graffiti in a certain way?
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Many people don’t know what graffiti is, yet those who are graffiti artists are an incredibly unique group. To quote another famous graffiti artist, “All art is an expression of emotion, if you express the emotion with a single brush stroke, you are a graffiti artist.” But if you do it without any emotion you are just a bum. That’s why we need to encourage people of all kinds to share their art in their local area by having a look around. Everyone has a different look and a different style, we have all had the same job for many years and so if we can all create something different, that’s great. All I care about is that people can express themselves through their art.

Is it really worth it to become a street artist?

I’ve always been a fan of street art, I never had a clue that it was something I needed to do to survive, it seemed as if I was a homeless person painting on a billboard, as if I was a graffiti artist. As I got older the thought of being in a job, working in restaurants and bars got more and more difficult to do, then just becoming a street artist seemed even more unrealistic. What people often find out about graffiti is that the majority of all the jobs that they can find are either illegal or they are in the illegal sector (that’s the part outside their home city. To tell you the truth, if you are reading this, you probably don’t want to live in one of those cities.) You want to give the public more opportunities and more freedom to express

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How do you not get caught graffiti? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Musical Artifacts
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