How do you make cool spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art On Wall

First of all, what are you going to get out of it? As the paint dries it becomes more and more reflective and you’re basically painting a mirror image; your skin becomes a mirror image. To achieve that you’ll need a mirror and a small box with a few paint cans inside it.

Once your box is fully filled with paint it needs to be painted. Paint will then run from your can of paint (which is filled with tiny dots of paint) through two small holes at one of the corners of the box. This way paint will get sucked through the bottom holes. (The holes need to be small as they’re going to be used to push paint from your spay into the box. They also need to be slightly larger than the dots to allow them to flow into the corners of the box.)

From this point I recommend you use about one gallon of paint as it will take a long time to dry after spraying because it will get a very high reflection on your skin. So make sure your paint can is fully full (so if you have two cans then fill a third with paint and two more with water) and that you’ll use one of those can paints for each coat of paint that you start on each nail in order to ensure the best and richest results possible.

The bottom of the tin you’ll use to empty your paint can and the top part that holds your can of spray paint. After filling that tin, you’ll then drop a thin layer of paint over the top and gently spray and push the brush in the bottom hole of the tin with air.

Once you’ve filled it you just wait for your paint to dry completely and you will have yourself a super-duper mirror image paint look on your nail!

The only way I can think of to achieve this is with a sprayer that is used primarily to spray paint (which of course is the most efficient way). I’ve seen some artists spray their nails using a brush made from a piece of acrylic paint, but there are so many benefits to using an airbrush that I can’t understand why someone would not try spray paint.

And to be honest, I love this idea! It really adds some flair to your nails and creates a special, cool effect that I’m always fond of. Plus it just looks really sweet!

What are some cool things you do with spray paint?

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How do you make cool spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art On Wall
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