How do you make cool spray paint art? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Las Vegas

Use the tips I’ll show you in this video. This is a great lesson to start with if you’re just starting out making your own DIY art!

6.) Spray Paint Art in the Kitchen

This is a great opportunity to experiment with new techniques (i.e., baking and spraying)!

7.) Make a Coffee Cake

One of the coolest things about this video is the use of a coffee cake! Coffee cake is a great way to get the flavor of the coffee without being too overpowering of a coffee experience.

8.) Make a Chocolate Chip Cookie

To make a chocolate chip cookie you’ll want to start with some store bought chocolate chips or you can substitute a chocolate recipe you like. Here are the recipe links for you to try:

You can’t do it without a little coffee…

9.) Make an Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re using a vanilla bean instead of Hershey’s, you can add some chocolate chips on top instead of the traditional chocolate chips.

10.) Make an Ice Cream Pie

If you use a whole egg instead of butter, you can make a ice cream pie to really add a creamy texture to your ice cream.

11.) Make a Cherry Pie Shell

To make a cherry pie shell, all you’ll need are some cherries and some chocolate in it. You can use the links to find recipe for cherry pie shells or you can just grab some whole cherries!

12.) Make a White Pie Shell

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If you’re going to use cocoa to make a white pie shell, use it for the inside instead of the outside.

13.) Make a French Toast Sandwich

If you can’t find your favorite French toast recipe, give the recipe I’m about to show you here a try. Here are the key ingredients:

Mixed nuts, such as hazelnuts

Mixed seeds of nuts such as sunflower seeds

Granulated sugar

Whipping cream




Makes 4 servings

14.) Make Cookies!

If you’re following the tips in this video but are not sure how to make a nice cookie from scratch, I’m not so sure you need to do it so start there! Here’s where to find some cookie recipes for you to try:

15.) Make an Iced Coffee

If you’re using an electric coffee maker, use the

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How do you make cool spray paint art? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Las Vegas
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