How do I start spray paint art? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Youtube

I think spray painting should not be complicated. This is a common misconception, so I want to put this out there and state as clearly as possible what my process is. Here’s my process…

Step 1 – Purchase a cheap canvas (around $20)

Step 2 – The first thing you want to know is, what do you do to the canvas before purchasing it? I prefer to paint with oil and/or paint thinner.

Step 3 – I spray the paint inside my garage, so I know what type of paint I will be using (I also paint with an airbrush, but that method can be a hassle).

Step 4 – I paint for 8-10 hours when it’s starting to dry…

Step 5 – Before you start working on the work piece, you’ll want to inspect the picture for potential paint flaws. Paint imperfections can make painting a bad idea.

Step 6 – I know many people who do a full on, top to bottom painting process but do not see any imperfections on the picture. This can be attributed to my spray paint style, or the fact that I’m an amateur (and that’s alright!).

Step 7 – In order to properly dry your painting, you’re going to have to take the picture out in the sun/sunlight (which can help), use your favorite paper towel, and wipe the excess water off (see below).

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Step 8 – Once your picture is done, there will remain a dark area from the water marks. Use your paper towel to remove this.

Step 9 – Once dry, you’ll want to make certain that no dust, dirt, and/or paint remains. Use your favorite papers or wipe it clean with your favorite cloths.

STEP 10 – Once dry, you can start adding details to your picture.

Step 11 – Once you’ve started to add details, you can begin to apply the final layer. Do this in two ways:

– Using my airbrush, spray each detail in a single layer. You can also spray a large amount in one go. I just let the paint dry on the canvas and then use the paper towel to cover it, wiping it clean after each layer.

– Using my spray paint, apply a paint-based detail.

NOTE: Do not do this if you would like to paint the details using your fingers. Doing this will cause the paint to spread and you will end up with uneven or

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How do I start spray paint art? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Youtube
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