How do I start spray paint art? – Cool And Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Photography

Simply, you spray paint! Don’t worry about how it looks because the end result will surprise you (and your friends!).
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What are these awesome stickers?

You can get stickers made out of anything, including this awesome green ink! It will have your logo and the word “SPRING”, just on some paper and a few drops of water.

What other supplies are included in the kit?

Stickers with designs that your child can use on her or his own. There are also different types of stickers and stickers that are “for those with a heart”.

How do I make the art?

The ink, decals and sticker are all contained within the spray paint kit.

Do you ship from the US?

Our product is shipped via 1-day shipping with USPS First Class Mail. However, orders from other locations within the US may be more likely to receive priority shipping. For a list of international locations we ship to, checkout our Shipping Options page here.

What if I’m not sure about the color of the stickers?

Each sticker is created according to the color of the ink. We have found that using dark colors that are darker than water color (blue or orange) or medium or light colors that are lighter than water color works best for this product.

Why the stickers are so bright?

Every color of ink is bright and unique. We put a lot of effort into creating each one so they will look good on an individual and have your logo and the words “SPRING”, but sometimes just a single color can be a bit distracting. In order to have each one stand out as unique, we make each sticker with a unique design on top of the design on the inside. This bright “glow” is what makes all our stickers so enjoyable.

What if my child is not interested in writing?

There isn’t much information on this site about how to draw, so if your kid isn’t interested in writing or writing is not something he or she enjoys, just use a word processor and draw some pictures or a journal. Some kid friends even write to us with the instructions.

How do I make a sticker with my own handwriting on it?

It is easy! Simply follow the directions below, apply your favorite ink to a piece of paper or card, and write letters and numbers onto the sticker or decal. When your child has finished writing on the sticker or decal

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How do I start spray paint art? – Cool And Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Photography
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