Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

I love graffiti, and I’ve always been great at doing that stuff but there’s nothing like doing something on canvas that’s really special. I always thought spray paint art was really a way to do it and have that visual identity. Sometimes I paint in order to show other people what I’m doing, so it became an excuse for doing that because it allowed me to be creative like that. I had one show in Germany with these black and white photos of a van that was broken down in front of a house with a giant paint can and a big white circle on the front door. I just painted this big circle that was painted over a white van just the way I like it. The house was broken into before I got there too, but then when I got there, it was still there, so that’s the only way I could do that. It took a lot of work to go from that to what you see in the show but I think it’s the right way to do it.

This was a fun trip to see. Can you tell me your favorite part of the project so far?

I like it when I can put up these things and I get a kick out of it. I like getting the reactions of people. When people first see it, they’re blown away by the way that it looks and they don’t know how to interpret it. There is always a reaction to all of this stuff, and that’s how I like it – it never gets stale. There’s a different reaction every time and I’m happy that people are reacting to this thing because I try to create something that is special.

Do you use any of the original materials that you used on the show? Can you tell me any details about the canvas or the canvas itself?

I painted it with a black canvas called Fanny or the black and white version. It’s black paint on black canvas that’s like the opposite of white and has a very sharp look to it. I painted it that way because I never really like the black side of canvas. Like, if I put white paint on white canvas and I don’t like it, I try to make something that is different. I guess I’m trying to do this without using any of the material.

Do you have any special thoughts about the material that you used in the paintings?

The stuff that I used is mostly acrylic paints. I use acrylics in this project because of the colors that are really hard to get. It

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Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial
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