Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – How To Do Spray Paint Art Video Tutorial

I’ve done that for a long time and am having a difficult time doing something completely original for an upcoming exhibit (though I’m working on it). Can you do what you can’t see?

So I get some more paint, I start painting on canvas (yes, I paint on my wall). In a month this stuff will get dry. Once it’s dry, will it be able to hang in my studio?

We paint in the car, right?

Right now, I’m using what little paint I have. There was a big painting I did that is a few years old now, it’s on a wall in my studio. It was all done with a roller brush. We’ll see.

Can a white paint work for white?

That was the first thing I thought of when writing my white canvas question. It’s not something I have great control over. We do want a paint that looks just like our canvas; however it’s very hard for me to control just what color we used to paint it. It’s a very challenging question.

For white we have black, white, and dark gray.

We need to look at how you used the light spectrum. We can’t tell the color temperature exactly because sometimes the hue doesn’t even show up. It’s not exactly what you mean. I’m just going to say that the color we use will be more in the area between the colors you’re using.

That means it won’t look like the canvas. We are working on how to do it without letting you paint on too many colors.

What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is white. It’s so neutral, so that when we paint on it it’s just pure whiteness. When we start working with colors that are going to be a little more warm, as the sun goes down the colors that are going to show up on the canvas become more extreme. As the day goes on, warmer colors that are more yellow, orange, and a lot of red shows up, because the more we paint on the canvas, the warmer it gets.

What’s your go-to color combination when you’re painting?

As long as I’ve been using paint and a paint roller, it’s been white. But you can work with it in other situations, such as when you need some color for an individual spot. Sometimes we’ll apply light to get some color on the piece.

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Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – How To Do Spray Paint Art Video Tutorial
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