Can I spray paint paper? – Spray Paint Art Video Youtube Spider-Man 3 Trailer

Unfortunately we do not have any spray paint available directly from our company in the UK, so we suggest that you get a local artist to paint something. To paint a wall in our house we use the ‘Drip on Paper’ product from our partner BH. They are currently testing paint which will be available from us shortly, so they should be available by the end of early April. As soon as the ‘Drip on Paper’ product is out, we will start selling the ‘Drip on Paper Mixer’. That will be available at the end of April for a discount of £2, which should be good for £3 if your decorator needs help getting the spray on effect. They might be working on it too!

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Can I spray paint with clear acrylic?

We are not currently offering our customers spray painting with clear acrylic products as a delivery alternative due to the safety concerns of acrylic paint on wood.

Is my canvas canvas for me?

A few months ago we changed the way in which we sell our paper to avoid the confusion and over use of our canvas paper. Our first paper (the ‘Kapok’ paper) is made of white canvas and can be easily cut up and used as you would a canvas for paper. However we now offer the ‘Drip on Paper Mixer’ product which we now call the ‘Kit Kat’ paper. The ‘Kit Kat’ paper has a finer paper texture that can be used to make great sized wall murals on our walls. If you need a high quality painting tool for your projects you can now do so at a much lower cost than you have for a canvas paper.

How much storage space will I need?

We recommend that you have at least 2 square feet of floor space so that your panels can get dry. If you have some extra space please contact us directly to see if we can create some of your own personalised murals just for your space!

Can our acrylic paint be used for paper art?

You can! Our kit mixers can be used to mix a selection of colours from our range of acrylic paints to create beautiful and exciting wall murals. Please note our acrylic paint and wall murals should not be mixed on the same wall as a standard white wall painting. These wall murals will look identical to your standard wall painting.

Can I order my own painting?

We will be happy to supply you with a specialised kit to create your own wall

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Can I spray paint paper? – Spray Paint Art Video Youtube Spider-Man 3 Trailer
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