Can I spray paint paper? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Series On Netflix

Yes, but please contact us first. We will not replace items damaged by spilled paint. Paint is a fragile natural mineral and is sensitive to heat, humidity and UV.

Do paints and glazes stay put?

Yes! We spray paint with a special water-based and solvent-free formulation that stays put even after the product dries. This formula helps protect against water fading and oxidation while ensuring that the product remains stable and durable.

I bought a new paint, how do I re-use it or repaint it?

We do not offer re-use or repaint solutions. Once we receive your new item, we will remove all traces of it, including the labels, labels, tags, etc. We can’t give you advice on how to repaint your item, but you can always ask our friendly sales staff.

How much should I spray paint?

We recommend painting 2 or 3 layers to cover any exposed surfaces. To apply a coat on carpet, linoleum or similar hard surfaces, use one of our spray paints. Use a low quality, non-aerosol paint and do not apply any solvents. Paint will not dry completely on the surface. For heavier applications, we recommend an outdoor spray paint.

What size paint roller should I buy?

We recommend a roller with a 1/4″ to 1/2″ ball valve. It is the same size as a spray paint can when you first open the bottle. This will allow us to accurately apply the paint on a smaller surface without risking driping during the application. A roller with a 1/2″ ball valve will not spray paint onto small surfaces.

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Can I spray paint paper? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Series On Netflix
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