Can I spray paint paper? – How To Spray Paint Art Surfboards By Kennedy

Yes, please. I have very good results with spray paint. It is very forgiving of imperfections, and when using a dry brush it’s even easier to work with if you put a little bit of liquid paper on it (or something that can go over the sides of the spray nozzle, just to ensure that the paper doesn’t fly out). I also have experience with using dry paint (although the process is even more complicated) and it usually looks better too – I just spray it instead! But if you want to try spray painting it, here’s a quick video to give you some ideas (the video shows you how to do 3 different types of spray paint – I have a lot more tips and tricks in my “How To” page)

What types of paper do I use?

I’ve found that the best paper for painting is the 100% cotton jersey cloth or poly cloth. I find that this has a smoother finish (and the best long term results). As a general rule, I spray with one-half the amount of air I would normally (in other words, I would spray 3-4 times the amount of a 1-ounce can full of paint).

Can I try spraying other people’s prints?

Absolutely, go ahead! But please DO include the proper credit and email info so i know about it! When you do, please mention that you made it yourself and you are not giving away any material unless you want me to, if you do use mine, please give me a bit more credit. Thanks! 🙂

Can I use paper with other materials besides cotton?

Absolutely! Some prints that I try out include the wood of my tree and the rocks I put in my waterfall. It’s a lovely mix that I’ve found really works well.

Is there a cost to printing?

It depends. If you want one print to go to me as a special piece, it will probably cost about $100-150. If the print goes to my gallery of prints, it’s likely going to cost around $500 (I only charge about $500 per print I sell!). If you go by other means, it depends. I like to make a small number of copies. If you want to print a large number of them, I generally charge upwards of $1,500! If you plan to get something signed and framed, you’ll probably need at least $2,000.

Can I paint over someone else’s original?

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Can I spray paint paper? – How To Spray Paint Art Surfboards By Kennedy
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