Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – Spray Paint Canvas

Is there a rule that says paint shall not be used on furniture not already sprayed with paint?

There is no rule that says paint may not be sprayed on furniture unless that furniture already has been sanded or polished prior to application. The reason for this is that furniture that has been sanded, polished or painted prior to being sprayed may not be re-froze or repainted. However, this applies to items that are a “mould” (that is, the paint has been rubbed off of the paint by some process, such as a wet dry cycle) and is more likely to happen with items painted with waxes. As mentioned above, any existing paint shall not be sanded, and any new paint may be applied after the mold has completely dried.

Is it okay to paint or use wax on old wood furniture?

No, wax, varnish or any other type of wax is not permitted on old wood furniture unless it was previously stained or polished prior to installation. If a wax or any other type of wax that was applied to wood prior to being installed, is used to repaint your furniture, this wax will continue to apply to the furniture’s finish. Any new wood furniture that you place on top of this existing wax will be affected, as will the wax applied to the old furniture before the new furniture (if that’s possible).

Can you spray paint/wax, or wax/spray paint into my wood furniture or furniture that has already been sanded or polished?

Yes, wax can be applied to your existing furniture with spray paint if one of the following applies:

the existing furniture was sanded or polished prior to being painted, or

the furniture has a wood mold.

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If the furniture is not covered by a wood mold or if wax has not been applied to it prior to installing it (i.e. if you don’t know what the wood mold is), please remove all paint from the existing furniture before spraying it.

I installed my new furniture on the same day, however, it has not arrived yet because I am not home, or I cannot find it in my area yet, am I responsible for repainting my previous furniture (which I have already put on the floor)?

To the extent that you have already painted/sanded you furniture prior to installing it, and it has not arrived yet due to lack of a return delivery or a delivery that has been delayed in a timely manner, you

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Can I spray paint furniture without sanding? – Spray Paint Canvas
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