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“In my opinion, this is a really powerful exercise,” says Jørn Ullén, a professor at the University of Oslo who has studied the connection between the two instruments. “It’s extremely important for developing coordination and teamwork skills. It’s also an incredibly intense exercise because it requires the performers to really put themselves out there—that is, to play a solo with their voices.”

And speaking of solo, why is the waltz so important to the Swedish music scene? “It’s important for many reasons: its ability to generate a sense of drama and drama doesn’t come around often,” says Ullén. “It’s also popular in Sweden, a country with an enormous history of opera and a big opera scene. The waltz is the most recognized and recognizable musical form in Sweden, and that’s one of the major reasons for the popularity of the waltz.”

But in addition to its iconic history and historical importance, another reason the waltz is so popular in Scandinavian countries is its ability to inspire harmony, which the Swedish composer Jan Björklund puts into practice on the Swedish radio station SVT:

[The] waltz is very unique for Sweden because the waltz is a harmonized piece—a piece with harmony. “This is a major achievement for the country,” says Björklund. “The waltz has become the key piece of the Swedish repertoire.” It would be difficult for anyone to find someone who wouldn’t love to have a full ensemble in their living room.

As far as the waltz and Swedes go, there is something to be said for these facts: There is a big difference between Swedish and other Nordic countries, and the waltz is one of them.

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Why is the waltz important? – What Is Social Dance Mixers Pictures Of Animals
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