Why is dancing important? – Social Meaning In History Meaning In Tamil

“The dance of the gods is the most solemn ceremony, the most solemn prayer, the most solemn sacrament. It is the way that gods take us by the hand, lead us in the dance, and make us live in the beauty of the dance. There we are, singing a chant into the wind. We are not a thousand feet above the ground, but we are a few lines away from the ground. We are just outta town with the people in town. We know the words and do our best to learn the dance; but there is no reason an outsider could not learn them and dance with us.”

“So everyone must teach the others?”

“Yeah yeah. Everyone must teach the others.”

“Okay. So you think every one of us must join a dance band and learn how to get high on acid.”

“If we want a better society, we must learn to dance, and we must dance as much as possible. How do we live on this earth? Well let’s say we have a community of two million people living in this town! It is a community of love. Our families love each other, and we do things that we know will please each other. But I also know the good, the bad, the ugly, the painful, the joyful, the painful, the joyous that are part of ourselves. Some of our good, bad, and ugly are music, and others are dance. We use music to express the things that we think are most important to us; and we use dance to express how we think they are important. It shows us how our good, bad, and ugly are, and how we can honor those in our lives whom we will honor as a community.”

“So what we are learning?”

“Well we learn how to dance on the spot. You can’t teach others how to dance, there is no one-size-fits-all way to make everyone fit into the same social role. But dancing together is so much more than that. We are dancing together as people who have gone through life together. And sometimes we are alone; we might have met for the first time at a birthday party, we might have had a fight, or we may have been through hard times together. Some people have lived most or all of their lives in a relationship with their parent; they may have only known each other for some months each year since they were babies. But they still dance, and dance, and dance together

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Why is dancing important? – Social Meaning In History Meaning In Tamil
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