Why is Dance important in our life? – Social Dance Steps

Dance is a key part of life as a human. It’s a ritual that keeps us connected, helps us feel alive, and keeps us motivated.

Even though more than three billion people are expected to be alive in the world by the year 2115, a lot of us are finding that dancing is not just a way to bond with friends, friends’ kids, or a special night out in London, but a source of motivation and happiness.

One-in-five people in the US (22%) report having danced in the past 12 months (with 10–20 million as many in Canada), and around 40% of young people in Finland, where there is a huge interest in ballet, do it regularly. And, of course, dance is increasingly being seen as an important part of everyday life, something to be pursued by children and adults alike.

Dancing is essential to many of the activities people enjoy, from being able to relax in the morning, to enjoying the great outdoors when travelling, to making healthy food choices and to getting the exercise they need.

Our dance partners change daily. This is one reason why dancers have become so familiar with music, which enables them to share the experience as part of the community and, as a result, to experience it more deeply.

Why are people good dancers?

Dancers have a wide range of interests and skills, and some of them may have developed as a result of physical fitness, or in response to the work of the movement’s teachers and coaches. If you would like to hear a few tips on how to build a solid foundation in terms of movement and technique, here is a playlist of some popular dance songs.

There are over 700 dance moves known to have evolved over 3,000 years – the “Hip” moves come from African and Mediterranean traditions, and the “Ballroom” moves are from European classical dances. And we can take lessons with a variety of organisations, including The National Dancer’s Academy in the UK, The National Dance Academy in the USA, which specialises in teaching women, and the National Centre for Dance Performance in the USA, which specialises in teaching men. There are many different styles of dance, and a lot different dancers of different levels.

While most beginners are interested in just one or two forms of ballet, dancers who start with a full repertoire, like the National Ballet of England, want to master every single move. So the first steps to learning to dance

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Why is Dance important in our life? – Social Dance Steps
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