Why is Dance important in our life? – Social Dance Essay

Drink! Dance, dance, dance, dance!

The ancient Greeks were well known for the art of dancing. In fact, they created music with simple steps and movements.

Some of the earliest recorded examples of dance were found in cave art. The cave paintings have been known for thousands of years but only recently have researchers been able to use computer modeling technology to recreate these paintings for artists all over the world.

Modern dance is known in many different ways but the main element is balance and the feeling of freedom (and relaxation).

Why is the ancient dance so beautiful?

For most of our species history, our ancestors were hunter and gatherer. They lived mainly in caves and huts and played and danced to their tunes, but they did not have modern computers. Ancient dance was based on physical movement as well as ideas. The ancient Greeks had perfected the art of balance, rhythm, harmony and rhythm, just like our modern day dance. The ancient dance was based on dancing together and sharing the music so that everyone could feel good. This can only make us feel better and it’s one of the reasons that we get the same type of effects from dancing as other species do.

Dance is good for us and good for Nature

“We are not built to walk on soil as a living organism, nor do we require the sunlight for our bodies, and we are always walking on air in an enclosed space with our heads and feet on the ground.” -Albert Einstein

When you are in a dance, you need the same kind of oxygen intake that you need while walking to stay alive and well. Dances are a great way to meet people, create connections among people and help others make progress toward their goals. This all could not be achieved without dance and we have evolved to be able to dance the way our ancient ancestors did and we still do today.

Functions of art
It’s good for the planet and it can even help us.

When you are in a dance, you are breathing in air that is much cleaner and cleaner than the air we breathe in on a daily basis. Most of us will be surprised to learn that our air is cleaner than our soil, and the reason for this is that the air we are breathing is not just being blown around by a wind or a jet engine, but that we inhale a small amount of dust per breath and then absorb the rest from the air we inhale. This process takes place throughout our entire lives. A

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Why is Dance important in our life? – Social Dance Essay
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