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How did it influence us, what it meant and why does it do so? In this article we will talk about the meanings and importance dance gave to us. We will explain about what was Dance, why did it have such a major impact on us and all the people who are related to us who are still doing it.

The Meaning of Dance in the Ancient World

Ancient people all over the world practiced dance. It is not so much about physical activity since the Romans introduced the calendar and people still celebrated what they did on those celebrations. Also it was not about having fun. The Ancient Greeks recognized that dance was not a fun activity. It was a special event that was held for some special people whom they considered a part of their “community.” So, this special event was created to celebrate and honor these people. In fact, “dance” comes from the Greek word kathmos, meaning a special event. Even to this day in some parts of the world there is a festival which celebrates the ancient past. The Greek word for dance was also kathmos; this came from a special event that was held for the people of ancient times. When people lived together in the Ancient World, they would dance for many different kinds of reasons and there is not one dance that is celebrated all over the world.

Culture - Definition, Discussion and Examples
It all started with the Ancient Greeks. As we know, it was a period of intense learning, which made people who learned Greek the smartest people in ancient times. The same applies to the Latin and other native languages. Because of their high level of learning, they would come up with many new ways to describe things. It is believed by ancient historians and archaeologists that the Greeks had about ten thousand languages.

There is another important aspect of this theory. One thing they had that many other cultures did not is that they understood what was a sound. The Greeks believed that sounds were used to convey information in language and so one sound was chosen for the meaning of a whole sentence. For example, the Greeks believed that if the sound of a word was called by the Romans a “t,” then when the word was written a “t” signified it was about the topic and the topic would be about the word. Therefore, if the Romans would write “vulgare” for a verb, it would come to mean ‘to live’ and the “t” sound in this case was the same word used in a word. However, they also thought of signs like “a” or “w

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Why is Dance important in our life? – Center For Social Dance Lansing Mi News 10
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