Why is ballet in French? – Social Partner Dancing

It’s part of the French tradition of the “Dance of St. Stephen,” a long tradition of art that celebrates the ancient Greek figure and philosopher by depicting and recreating the life and works of the “St. Stephen”:

What do I do with the ballet?

A great deal! If you’ve always wanted to try this, you might start by attending a free, three-city ballet by your local city orchestra.

If you’re up for it, join in a private dance lesson at a local ballet studio for $40 per hour plus travel. This provides a great way to meet others who also enjoy dance. You’ll also have a fun way to keep up with other dancers and their families.

Why did you take ballet in France?

As a kid, I would often find myself bored. It was only natural for me to want to perform something more exciting. It seemed like every time the teacher had an idea why a dancer should be an entertainer, she brought up bordellos, gondoliers and chanteques, and then one of them suggested it to me. This, of course, was the best.

What did I like to do before and after the dance?

I spent my evenings reading about things that had nothing to do with dancing, which didn’t seem quite right. I also enjoyed taking baths and listening to music.

I was also drawn to dance in the company of my fellow kids, especially if I thought that the people at the dance were really sweet, so I would go to them and ask if any of them would be interested in having a dance with me.
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When I was a teenager, I was very fortunate to have met and studied with one of the most accomplished dancers in my town, who was also a fabulous dancer in his own right, which helped me to appreciate all the dances as they were being performed. I was especially struck by his ability to connect with people on such a deeply personal level.

What was I like around other people?

Although I enjoyed dancing with adults, I was a little bit shy. I was always afraid that I would be a “bad” dancer, which of course made it even harder to dance with people.

When I was a teenager, my parents tried to find some kind of balance between the dance I liked and the kinds of person I was. It was obvious that what I was enjoying could not be balanced on someone else’s schedule.

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Why is ballet in French? – Social Partner Dancing
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