Why is ballet in French? – Social Dance Meaning Quotes For Baby

It’s to show other people and dance in French. To make people feel French,” said Mina-Youssef.

“Bruno will always have in him the greatest influence of French opera and music, and that’s what you get here in Paris,” added Pierre-Michel Clerc, president of the national ballet company. “He’s a perfect figurehead for our culture.”

“A big factor in the selection has always been the performance, and the great dance of Bruno. It’s the most impressive way to convey the French nation,” added the president of French opera, Jean-Claude Vallee. “Bruno is an incredible and unique figure, and I think everyone will be pleased we have kept him.”

The opera company chose Mina and Clerc in order to provide French audiences with both a new artistic figure as well as an international icon and star. “It’s an immense, enormous tribute to him. That doesn’t happen very often in the history of the French opera,” said Vallee. It’s the first time the company has chosen a female partner in its 100-year history.

“The selection of Mina-Youssef, who is the most celebrated actress alive, gives new hope to all audiences who aspire to be as successful as her,” said Vallee. “It is a symbol of the cultural, artistic, and cultural life of France, and I hope it will inspire all to be great.”

The selection is a huge coup for Paris, which has only had a female ballet conductor since 1958. And it’s a coup for Olivier Rougerol, who has taken the position with a little more than a year left in his job as the president of Cirque d’Elegance. Rougerol is also the youngest general director of the French opera company.

“We are happy to have two distinguished operatic figures so close to each other,” said Rougerol. “Mina-Youssef brings her own extraordinary talents to the French opera, and to the world at large. As one of the new generation and the leader of the new generation of French artists, she deserves the honor to be the first woman conductor in the Opera of France, and the second of French-language operas, as well.”

This is a big moment to be in at this crucial time in the company’s history — with Rougerol to hold his reins until at least 2014. And Mina-Youssef is the

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Why is ballet in French? – Social Dance Meaning Quotes For Baby
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