What is the meaning of social dances? – Social Dance Lessons Houston Tx Zip Code

Social dances are dances that are performed in the presence of the whole crowd, not just an individual or a single dancer. Dancers may or may not perform on their own. They may dance together when they are part of a group group, or they may dance alone when they are part of their own dance group. The dance style plays a major part in deciding who can perform. What follows is a description of the main social dance dances. The main dancer has to follow the lead of the main dancer and has to do the same steps.

Dans duet (dance style) [2]:

A dance where all the participants move in an exaggerated and synchronized manner. Each dancer will be performing a specific dance style.

For example Dans duet is a dance where all the dancers move together, but with different patterns. To get into such dance, it is advised that all participants should practice their dancing in groups so that they get used to the steps and do not need to move too fast. After the first couple of dances, each dancer should try to be in the center of the dance without moving around the dancers.

Dance styles from these dances are:






Pop music

Traditional music


Traditional Rumba

Traditional Spanish





Salsa Reba [3]


Cumbia Reba

Ojos Negros



Jazz is the form of modern dance which originated in West Africa, and has been present since the 19th century. It is a form where the principal partner always does a certain sequence of steps or motions along with all other dancers.

Some examples of Jazz dances are:

Bajiquana [4]

Tango [5]

Jazz Dance Reba


Classical dance was born in the 15th century in Italy. It is a form of classical music that is based on a single instrument. It was a revival of the ancient dance styles of China. Classical dance is one of the forms of modern dance. It is also called the Renaissance Dance because it has its origins from the beginning of the Renaissance by the Italian dancer Filippo Tommaso. It involves many

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What is the meaning of social dances? – Social Dance Lessons Houston Tx Zip Code
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