What is social dance examples?

What is dance-related news from NPR?

Why do we like this?

“This is a very moving piece, particularly as it’s on television and on the radio. It’s a wonderful story, and I love the way that it has this balance that, while it’s a compelling story, it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to push you in any way. There’s not a ton of exposition in it, to the extent that some of them may be a little heavy handed, but they’re done to a good extent to just keep you engaged, and the emotional core of the story.”

This is my favorite song!

“This is one of the songs that I thought should take off the radio. It had such a positive reception, that I could never think that it was just going to be a one-off, but it has since taken off.”
18th Century Dancing - WHS HBL Jane Austen

What is a good social dance song?

“I think a good social dance song should be a joyful, fun one, and there should be some kind of dance, but it isn’t really dance music, it’s more of a celebration. It’s upbeat music, but it doesn’t have any lyrics. It just kind of goes, ‘Oh, wow, that’s great.'”

What are some of your personal favorites, specifically?

“I feel like a good social dance song has to be one that I would love to see on the radio (laughs). It has to be something that is both danceable, and has some kind of celebration in it. It has to feel like you have something in common with your social dancing partner. Some songs that I do really love are “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Katy Perry,” she says. And “Mama, I Miss The Summer” by Mariah Carey. They are good. “Trouble Man” by Mariah Carey is also pretty good.”

What is something that you want to get heard more and more?

“I want to see more and more dance styles in the mainstream. I think it’s very important for dance to have this mainstream level of acceptance. I think when people are listening to pop music, they know that there’s just one kind of dance that’s there. But there are tons of other forms of dance out there. These are not necessarily some one dance style, they are just variations, and just as there exist rock styles…there probably exist many variations of rock.”


What is social dance examples?
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