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There is no strict definition of Rumba dance as an art form, but the art is often taught in small groups. People from all across the globe dance together. This is a worldwide practice and there are even dance teachers that dance around the world. Some teachers call their dance “Rumba” while others refer to it as “rumba dance”. The people with a common Rumba dance also have many different names for their dance, such as “Kutumba”, “Rumba”, “Basti”, “Dance of the Crows”, “Hava Nagisa”, “Bartomegula”, “Sulipa”, “Zumba,” “Cajaputula”, “Sudanika”, “Sankhala”, “Rumba Dance” and more.

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The word “Rumba” is often mistakenly combined with “Rumba dance” to confuse people. Although the art is known throughout the world, some countries and regions use it as a national and often ceremonial dance for cultural celebrations and holidays. Many people believe that if you can’t read the art and name of the dance, then you may be doing something illegal and punishable by law. The name “Rumba” is often associated with the word “louache” which is a word used in the ancient art of dancing. The name “Rumba” sounds similar to the word “roue” which is also an ancient word used in Rumba dance. The word “laoe” which is used in many languages, could also be associated with the word “roua”, it means “dance of the birds”. Because of the many references to birds in the name “Rumba” it’s easy to think that the music is based on birds or it could be related to a sacred dance. In fact, Rumba is also associated with the bird in the Raga tradition and the song “Rumba” is often played while making the “Rumba” call.

Rumba dancing is more than a dance, it can be a ritual or a way of life. There are many ways to follow Rumba dance and you can choose to either stay in a traditional setting, move out to make your own place in the community, or move into larger public settings that are more traditional and more exciting to follow.

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What is Rumba dance? – Social Dance Classes Dublin
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