What is Rumba dance? – History Of Social Dances Ppt To Word

Rumba Dance is a form of music and has its origins in South America.

The term Rumba can be traced to Rula (which is the source of the word Rumba).

One of the origins of the term Rumba, or Rumba music, is thought to be from Brazil, where many rumba clubs were established by sailors, sailors with a great penchant for music, and sailors that wanted to get the best sound possible.

The term Rumba spread to the states of America.

Rumba is one of two styles of salsa music, the other (the other being Cajun) being a more Spanish style of music.

Rumba songs

Rumba can range from a standard one piece or trio of barbershop music, to many of the styles of salsa music found on record collections, such as:

Cumbia, known in Latin America,

Tango, known in America

Funk, known in the USA

Salsa, known in Latin America

Swing, known in many countries

The first recorded use of Rumba music was in 1912 in France, where this style of music was popular in the 1800s.

There have been many Rumba Clubs throughout America. These include:

New Orleans Rumba,

Los Angeles Rumba,

Chicago Rumba
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Miami Rumba

New York City Rumba

Las Vegas Rumba,

New Orleans Rumba,

San Francisco Rumba,

San Diego Rumba,

Trenton Rumba

The Spanish form of Rumba, called Rumba de salsa, is found in both the Americas and Europe, in many different forms; from the Rumba that was played in the Spanish colonial era, on street corners of Spanish America, to the style of Spanish salsa played in Europe and North America since the 17th century.

Rumba Dance at World of Dance

World of Dance is proud to partner with a number of dance organizations throughout the world. From the Caribbean Islands to Mexico to Europe, you can find a great variety of Rumba Dance that you don’t see anywhere else!

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What is Rumba dance? – History Of Social Dances Ppt To Word
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