What is modern dance style? – History Of Social Dances Ppt Templates

As a modern dance educator, I’m more interested in the modern dance styles of the world, or that dance companies are producing them in more countries than before. What do we know about their influence on contemporary dance?

What are the common types?

Where do they seem to be?

What are the differences between modern and traditional forms?

What is the difference between contemporary and European dance?

What are the other forms of dance?
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Have we really reached a point in dance history where there just aren’t a lot of styles to pick from. Does our obsession with dance styles have more to do with the popularity of the styles in the media, or does it stem more from an attempt to get people to move to a tempo that is easy to imitate? I feel like there is so much going on these days with dance styles that are often hard to define. It’s really hard to determine which is the most successful form of dance. But here are some of the most common forms:

• Modern – the most popular type at present

• Contemporary – not in the top ten in the world, but has at least a decade of popular popularity in some parts of the world

• International – many people try and make this dance look like foreign dance, such as the New York City Jazz Orchestra who have been very successful in spreading the influence of this style on dance and the arts internationally

• Folk, traditional, or “informal” – what makes you want to dance it? Perhaps it looks similar to your dance, or you know someone who dances it, but you don’t know, or you think it’s a terrible dance

• Folk or traditional – a dance style that has a long history

• Folk dance – a form of dance that has a long history, but was not particularly successful in the past, such as old American dances like country or western

• Improv – a particular blend of dance styles that combine dance with improvisation

• Ballet – a style that combines various dance styles and choreography, but was historically popular in Europe, where it has been heavily influenced by Russian/European ballet, but also has its roots in traditional African dance, such as West African kora and its offshoots, and American African dances like the Mbeya and Mhango and their West African derivatives like ajaw, or tswana

• Pop and R&B – popular dance styles that combine several styles,

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What is modern dance style? – History Of Social Dances Ppt Templates
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