What is dance performance? – Origin And History Of Social Dances With Elderly People

For most non-dancers, dance performance means performing the work, movement and sound of one’s living body, and its performance by a person of their own gender and sexual identity without external pressure, intimidation or expectation of what the audience’s reaction will be. But while dance performance may seem unproblematic or even “normal,” in the context of society it can be seen as “perverted.” It can also be seen as very dangerous, since many people are not aware that even a mere gesture or gesture in general can provoke a response of violence or death. This is the context in which the video clips are taken from.

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A video clip taken from my personal Facebook page shows a young man being beaten by young men of Pakistani origin in an Australian music festival in February of this year. I made the video and am the photographer for the following blog post.

My friend has taken the original video and posted it online, making the video available for the public to view and commenting on in a number of places. Her video has become a catalyst for a lot of conversation.

My story began almost a year ago. While attending a music festival a friend and I happened to find ourselves in a small amphitheater packed with about 200 people. The only sound system was built from the front of the stage into the middle of the amphitheater. I was at the front of the line when a young Afghan man came up to me and asked in English what I thought of his music. I responded in the negative; that I thought he was ugly, and that he may be from one of the other countries in the world.

The young young man looked me square in some way, and I noticed that his shoes were slightly too big for his feet. I thought he was probably not going to keep on dancing. I took note that he wore a yellow, loose top with bright blue jeans and a black t-shirt that also had a pattern of stars and stripes printed on it. I also noticed a scar that ran left to right across his right eyebrow, which I felt had probably been there before.

As I stood there, watching him, the young man walked up to me with his white face concealed behind a small head scarf, which was fastened at the bottom with a long metal strap about 2 inches wide and about 1.5 inches long and about 6 inches tall. I did not know how old he was, but I guessed that he was around 20. He had what looked like a backpack he was working

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What is dance performance? – Origin And History Of Social Dances With Elderly People
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