What is creative dance? – Social Dances List

It’s the act of creating and creating something out of nothing, often using music as a catalyst to build on ideas. It’s the music that you put in the room before you even go into the dance floor.

What can be considered ‘musical creativity’?

There are so many different ‘form’ of creativity, depending heavily on context and experience. Creative dance is all about how much you have learned, how the music has affected you at different times in your life.

So when we say ‘musical creativity’ we’re not really referring to that particular piece of dance music. We’re really looking at creativity at a time to time (or perhaps all the time) when it matters most.

I used to think of ‘musical creativity’ as being the thing to do after you have been working with it for one hour and then you’re done!

But then I met my amazing teacher and her “creativity” was very much about the creative process, from starting with a song to getting it to the stage.

My dance partner made me dance around the room when I first got into the movement, he took me and made it very exciting to do. His music actually gave me that feeling.

When we have fun with the music during a session it becomes a catalyst that creates a great creative space in between your movements and your creative process.

What can be considered ‘creative dancing’?

Creative dance is about what you are willing to do to give a full range of movement and movement and movement that is full of movement.

What does that look like in real life? For me it is actually finding a song that is full of movement and not just a nice relaxing song.

I don’t do everything to be creative, I try to put what I’m good at in the most creative and effective way possible.

That is why I do all sorts of creative things and what other people don’t do, they just do ‘normal’ creative things…I say “normal” because we don’t generally need such intense movements!

I love going home because it is always full of movements and movement combined with music or dance.

I work long shifts and work in fast paced environments, so I love being able to use my energy more creatively.

Creative dancing requires us to be creative at whatever that moment is…the music…the energy…the space…and just have fun.

But not everyone

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What is creative dance? – Social Dances List
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