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Chacha means ‘the one who holds a cup’. It was a common greeting in Afghanistan and throughout northern and eastern India in the middle of the last century when people gathered around a large, metal cup. During that time, people had many different names for the Chacha cup. He used chacha to mean ‘the one who holds a cup for the people’ or ‘one who holds a great cup (chacha’ means ‘a great chacha’). However, in recent times, people often use more general terms such as ‘the big Chacha’, ‘the red Chacha’, ‘the black Chacha’, and ‘a Chacha for all, a Chacha for all’. The most common meaning of the chacha cup is that it is a symbol of happiness.

Konkaniya cup

The Konkaniya cup is made out of sandalwood, which is often used in the traditional rituals of the Hinduism. It symbolises spiritual strength and endurance against all odds.

Citrus cup

The name Citrus cup means ‘the cup of a god’. It has been worn to express loyalty to a god by the Hindu, Sikh, and Muslims in the past.

Kapha Chacha

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Kapha Chacha (in the form of a cross) is an Indian religious symbol with which a Sikh identifies with his devotion to a Guru. The symbol is formed by a square and a cross, often with the same inscription on the face. This symbol is held in great reverence by Sikhs.

Chirag Chacha

The most famous example of the Chirag chacha was the one worn by the Hindu poet and sage, Harappa Chacha. He wore the symbol of devotion to Harappa in the form of a cross.

Tis Chacha

The Tis Chacha is a symbol which is worn by Hindus to signify that they are devoted to the Sanatana Dharma.

Bhas Chacha

These chachas were originally worn by a Sikh as a symbol of his devotion to the Guru. However, they are often worn by the Sikh today as a symbol of their loyalty to a greater cause.


A Dakka chacha is usually made of bamboo, but many other materials are used as well. The chacha’s function is to signify that those who wear the chacha are devout to the idea of a better life, regardless of the hardships that may be faced

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What does Chacha mean? – What Is Social Dance Mixers Pictures Of Flowers
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