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Chacha means “chaos” in Polish. Chacha is the first word of the name of the founder of the Polish Catholic Church — St. Chiesa, the first Polish archbishop. Many Poles call him the “Chacha of Auschwitz.” He is remembered for his role in the Holocaust, but also for his humanitarianism. In the 1950s, when he became archbishop of Warsaw, chacha was able to offer shelter to over one million refugees. He was also the patron saint of children and of children’s homes. A statue of him was unveiled in the Old Town of Warsaw on September 11, 2000, a month before his death in 2008.
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Chacha’s statue was unveiled in 2000

What is not Chacha?

The word Chacha is pronounced like “cheh” in English. When Polish pronunciation changes during the transition from the Polish-speaking world to English, these words are sometimes rendered as “chacho.”

Do you know the Chacha legend?

According to Wikipedia:

On a visit to Auschwitz on 27 March 1943, Archbishop Chiesa arrived to the main camp after crossing through the railway line between Auschwitz I and II. He was given a tour of the camp, then was taken to take part in an assembly of Polish priests at the cemetery, and then at 2:35 PM, he was transferred to the “gas chamber” where he had witnessed the burning of over a thousand of the Jewish prisoners. He stayed in the “gas chamber” with three other priests who were still alive and who, with their assistance and support, managed to keep the remaining Jewish prisoners alive.

In a 2011 article, John R. McNeill wrote about Chacha in Poland at the time of the end of the Second World War (the Warsaw Uprising). A number of people claim to have witnessed the burning of around one million Jews. Chacha, however, was not one of them.

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What does Chacha mean? – Types Of Dance Theory
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