What does ChaCha mean? – Social Dance Trends

ChaCha stands for a code word that means “not cool.” A person who uses ChaCha to mean “not cool” has a negative attitude and will treat you with the utmost disrespect. The code word is usually spoken in a derogatory manner by the person using it. Other types of code words include:

“cunt”…a derogatory nickname for girls.

“faggot”…a derogatory nickname for gay men.

“cocksucking wife”…literally refers to the wife of a cocksucking gay man who sleeps with multiple partners per day.

“faggot” refers to a man who likes gay sex.

“gay” is a slang term that has the same negative connotations as “cocksucker”.

The term is sometimes used to describe heterosexual people, especially in the South, to refer to them as being “faggots”, and to the derogatory meaning of homosexual people.

A woman who is a ChaCha master is a woman who cannot use any form of male control, which indicates that she is sexually inexperienced, inexperienced about sex, and is having difficulty getting an erection and that she is in need of therapy. This usually indicates that the woman is an emotional basket case who is in danger of being “broken” in this regard. ChaCha masters are sexually inexperienced, insecure, have no tolerance, do not have sex at all to compensate for their lack of orgasm, cannot orgasm with any partner that is not a heterosexual, and are not sexual adepts (they only have orgasm using pornography, with “special” partners, who are always other women). It is a sign that the woman is not heterosexual and is in need of therapy if she wants to have sex.

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What does ChaCha mean? – Social Dance Trends
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