What dance means to me? – The History Of Social Dances Examples

I do not know the meaning of the words used to define dance, but I will define them for you:

Dance is being on the dance floor with others and being able to see everyone’s feelings, emotions, and opinions. Dance is being surrounded by dancers, the people you are dancing with, the music, the scenery, the music, the dance… It is being open to the joy of the moment and having a good time along the way.

I was not one of the first people to find the expression ‘live like a rockstar’ so I can speak off the back of personal experiences. I have seen it in all kinds of situations, whether they are big crowds, small parties, clubs, small clubs, small clubs, in clubs I have seen it anywhere.

I have seen it from the front with my own eyes, or at night in clubs, at the bar, at my friends place, at my parents house, on my school work, during concerts, on my last walk home from my day of work, on my lunch break, at concerts, on my wedding day, on vacations…

If my definition is correct and the meaning of Dance is not entirely understood, this brings us to the next point. How can we understand the meaning of Dance?

How can we understand it?

The answer to the above question is simple: you cannot understand it otherwise you will be bored out of your mind. In that moment you have to be there and it will only be for the moment when there is nothing left to say or be said.

Being immersed in the moment, I call it ‘in the presence of the moment’.

I call it ‘living in the moment’.

There is no room for a lot of questions, so lets move to the next two points and then another one that answers questions.

2. How do you live in the moment?

This point is also very important – if you will not live by the moment (and I am not talking about living without ideas, thoughts or goals) in the same moment in every minute of the day, if you will not live as a person of experience… In that moment, as I am talking about “The dance with others” from my post – I would never want to die.

The reason why is that we are experiencing our lives in a way that is unlike how you live. You know how the day starts and ends? In most of the time we are asleep

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What dance means to me? – The History Of Social Dances Examples
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