What are the two types of social dance?

Social dance – as the children do – is about making and breaking with other people. It’s about finding a way to connect with yourself and others. When someone else is not in the mood they have the possibility to come to you.

If someone else is not in conversation, you have the opportunity to ask for someone else.
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Or, you can wait for that someone to come to you and move your body. If you are moving your body in one of these ways, then you are doing social dance.

When do we learn social dance? Social dance is learned from age 2 to 12. Social dance instruction can be available in other primary and secondary institutions of learning. Social dance training is designed and developed through collaboration with other dance professionals.

What types of social dances are not social dance? Social dances can cover a wide variety of activities including dance, music, and dance classes. All social dances are good dances, but not all social dances are social dancing.

What are the benefits of learning social dance? As children learn social dance, they learn to make connections with others and create social situations where they can share a joyful mood together. Children love to dance with other adults and enjoy doing social dances with parents and other adults during the day and in school. Learn other dancing styles and join in as you sing, sing dance songs from the repertoire, help others dance, or simply observe as the world around you changes: see how your school dances, the local club dances, the local ballroom dances, or the local ballet and swing dances change throughout a week!

What can I expect at a community dance? Social dance lessons at community dance schools are designed with your children’s ages in mind. The students learn skills to develop their basic skills and also to enhance their dance ability later in high school and during college. Social dance teachers at community dances will help your children explore different dance genres including ballroom, jazz, and salsa among others. Many of the social dances at community dances have a great variety of performers at each performance.

How long do we teach social dance? When a student leaves school or college, the community dance teacher decides what social dance lessons to teach each year. The teacher works with the community dance department to select the most suitable dance for each students age and interest. The dance will be taught through workshops, which are run on a weekend basis.

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What are the two types of social dance?
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