What are the two classification of social dance? – Social Dance And Dance Mixers Ppt To Pdf

A) Non-traditional Dance (Dance of one nation only) and B) Traditional Dance (Dance of the several nations).

Do you believe that the dancing and music developed by the dancing nations has a better history than the dancing of the dancing nations?

A) No, I also believe that D & B classification are too similar. D classically have a superior origin with regards to rhythm and tonality. They are the true masters. B class have developed some nice tunes which were not suited for the dance.

Are you certain that the dance originating from D classians is not the modern dance?

A) I am fully convinced that these two classes of folk dance have not a different origin. I feel that I can easily differentiate D and B style from each other easily. In fact, I think that they are both true forms of dance and neither have been developed on its own.

Which form of dance have you noticed in the D and B dance?

A) D dance (like R&B), has got its roots in D-Classical dance. B dance originated as part of B jazz and it is similar to D dance.

I also believe that the dance originating from D class are more sophisticated than the dance originating from B-Class.

Is it true that some of these dance songs are from the D-Classicals?

A) Yes. There is a popular song for example called “Glamorously Dancing”. As you know, the popular dance songs are the B-Classical dance songs. These songs were written by B and A composers. There are some similarities in the melody and chords. This song as well as the song written for the BJTJ are also different from the B-Classical dance songs.

I also believe that the song “The Big Show” is from the modern dance songs. The same is my opinion with the “Mama’s Lonely Boys” song. I believe that these two were written by the same composer. I also believe that the song “I’m not scared of you ” is from the same genre as “The Big Show”.

Which composer wrote the song “I’m Not a Clown” from the B dance?

A) My guess is that “I’m not a clown” came from a B-Classical song.

Why are the songs from B-Classical dance songs more difficult than the B-Classical dance songs?

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What are the two classification of social dance? – Social Dance And Dance Mixers Ppt To Pdf
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