What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – York Social Dance Studio York Pa Newspaper

A choreography is a sequence of steps that are choreographed to a melody. For example, an orchestra takes the beat of a song and then plays a piece of music in an arrangement. The music may then be played by itself or alternates with the beat of another tune. In the ballet, the music plays as the dancers move, not as a sequence of steps. For example, in the first movement of the Second Ballet, Ballet for Three Kingdoms, the dancers move in and out of a sequence of hand motions. In each moment, the step lengths and relative position of each dancer are governed by the musical movement. The dancers move toward each other so that each step may be synchronized with the music. The music will play in order.

Ballet, which begins with hand motions, moves slowly through the movements. The dancers will occasionally make a jump or a turn that moves the dancers out of the step sequence. The dance will then move toward the music, which can be followed in one continuous movement or alternated.

A dancer’s physical body is the fundamental element in ballet movements. It is in the dance that a dancer’s body determines a movement. This is illustrated in Figure 3. In the figure, a ballet dancer holds a partner in one hand while bending in the other hand toward the back of her body. Although this poses a physical challenge to her partner, she maintains a balance because both of her hands reach directly toward each other.
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Figure 3. The dance of the Second Ballet Ballet movements in hand gestures. This figure is a three-phase movement of the Second Ballet Ballet, which began in September 2006. The dancer on the left is the first dancer in the dance, and the dancer on the right is the second dancer in the dance. The first dancer is standing with her partner (middle) before the move moves her partner (left) away from herself while the second dancer bends the partner (right). The fourth and fifth dancers each move their partner (middle) toward their partner (left) while the dancer on the left continues to move with the partner toward the front. The dancer on the right holds the partner while the dancer on the left and the second dancer move in different directions to move the partner toward his or her partner (left). The fourth and fifth dancers each hold their partner (middle) while one dancer moves his or her partner (left) toward the front of the dance (right). The dancer on the left, standing in front of a partner,

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What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – York Social Dance Studio York Pa Newspaper
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