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Is that, uh, how they are taught?

SUN: The choreography is basically that the song and the dance in the same time and that’s it. You know how people say the word rhythm? Like, that’s how it works but the choreography is how it works. Like, I have people who want to do a lot of stuff and so if we say ‘dance’ they want to be able to do that and they’ll work on that as well.

SOUNDJAM: I’ll tell you that with our set up, we’re not going to tell an audience what is music like.

SUN: Exactly. They have to think about what they want and understand their needs and so it’s actually a really big process and it’s probably a more process than doing a song or doing something that’s not supposed to be choreographed and so what you want is to come up with it and understand what your feelings are but it’s really important to be able to execute it because it doesn’t happen automatically.

SOUNDJAM: What have you been up to lately?

SUN: Well, I did a bunch of shows in Sweden with D-Doom because I’ve been doing some work with him because I did a track with him on the D-Doom record but I haven’t really collaborated with anybody else recently. My last studio session that just happened was with Kiesza.

SOUNDJAM: So, you’re sort of back in the mix…

SUN: Yeah, it’s a little weird because there was a lot of interest when I went back to Sweden for a studio session because I did that D-Doom record, but there wasn’t a lot of interest in that song but that is when I started to do a lot of work with this person who has been a friend of mine for a long time, Rony.
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SOUNDJAM: Tell me more about that. What are your impressions of what you’ve been working on these last years?

SUN: Well, Rony has been working on several new records with different singers and stuff for years. We’ve done that for quite some time now but I just feel that I would be better off working with Rony now as opposed to working with other people and doing things with them that are so different because then it would be different, it’s not the same thing, so, yeah, it depends on how much time is worth

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What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Dance And Body
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