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I’m not sure. I’ll give you ‘E’s for all you know. We had a lot of big names, but I don’t know if you got an I’ll throw them in here. You got “Hands up, don’t shoot.” “Get off my property!” “The law!” “Cops outta jail!” We had some really big rappers. Jay Z (I think that’s the name), we had ‘Ye from the group “Puffy Money.” Big Pun. Big Kool Keith, he was part of the ’90s, we had J. Jax, but I don’t know if you got him from this game or not ’cause he’s out of it too.

You guys were doing a lot of the same stuff.


Did anyone ever try to stop your parties?

Nah, they’d come ’cause they had their problems. They didn’t know us.

What about the drugs?

Yeah, and all the stuff they brought back. I always knew there was a problem because of the size of my parties. I mean, you don’t want to let someone in who probably has done other stuff and got a record deal and is going to do a lot of the stuff we’re doing now.

But you don’t want to let these big-time people in?

Yeah, you don’t do that stuff. I’ll tell you something I’ve heard. A lot of people at first were like, “I know a DJ,” and they’ll tell you stuff about their experiences with us. But they couldn’t really get in the club because they weren’t the type of people who would get in. If you got a friend who gets high just to dance, who wants to come in and take in the vibe? This is a different mindset than what you usually find at a club.

How did the rest of your life play out?

I’m working. I’m a teacher in my spare time. When I’m not working, I’m looking for a place to teach. I’m a little bit more active than I used to be because I have a couple of kids. I get people to pay over, and then I get them to pay more.

How old are you and how many kids do you have?

I’m 24- years old. I got one daughter and that’s my son, his name’s Kip. He’s 13, too.

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What are the names of hip hop dance moves? – Valley Social Dance Studio Ton Wi Map
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