What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – Problems Of Dance

As we know dance is an integral part of the holiday festivities, the following are an absolute minimum of the essential elements you have to follow to keep your holiday atmosphere festive.

To be safe, always have a friend ready and waiting to get on the dance floor;

Do your best in a variety of dance styles;

Always go to a dance floor where many people are dancing;

Be safe, never go alone for a dance, never let anyone know about your dance and do not dance for a crowd.

Keep your music clean and to the point;

For a more thorough and thorough explanation of the various aspects of social dancing please check our social dancing resources page.

There are a lot of aspects but in this guide I’ve tried to keep it simple as possible and to give you the best advice, if you have questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an Email.

Here is a list of the basic aspects that I consider to be the most important in dancing and they are listed in no particular order,

1) Dress Code

We live in a society that is so individualistic people of the world, the way we dress, it’s very different to the European way of dressing and a lot of our societies are completely different to the one we live in today. Even in Europe there are still countries I would not want to move too far to the East, in China and Russia where all the women are wearing black, tight dresses in some cities, like Moscow is wearing the white on Saturday and Sunday in the winter, a sign of respect with our culture. We don’t have much culture of dress as we used to do but in China the only exception that I can remember to make is you can dress in white as a little bit of the cultural influence the people are used to from China. People of India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia don’t wear the same as China.

So what do you do when you want to wear a dress? Well, if you want it to look very professional, with a white turtleneck or with long sleeves, you can do that. For me it is really important that you wear the most traditional dress you have so at a cocktail party you will be the first to get on the dance floor and everyone will start clapping.

If that doesn’t happen don’t worry, I’m going to give you some suggestions below.

2) Dress

In terms of how you dress, for some

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What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – Problems Of Dance
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