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There are 4 basic types of dance.

1. The Dance of the Ball

The Dance of the Ball is the dance where your eyes are glued to the ball in all directions. It often makes a child stand for quite a while, because they don’t get to do any movement or make any decisions. You want to move like that, but at least try to do that. And remember, any movement that is meant to keep you from looking at the ball is a great sign.

2. The Dance of the Clap

The Dance of the Clap is where the kids move their hands and feet together. The Clap is also usually the same from top to bottom. So, if you try to move your foot, it usually looks a lot like you want to start clapping.

3. The Dance of the Ring

This dance is also the same from top to bottom, but there is usually only one participant. The people clapping together at the same time will also move the same way as one clap.

4. The Dance of the Circle

This dance is very similar to the Dance of the Ball. The only difference is that the circle is moved in a circle. You can actually see two people clapping at the same time if your child is dancing with all of them. (See 2.)

What Do you want your child to be doing in class?
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If you want your child to dance, the first step to help him or her get more involved in dance is to establish a weekly dance routine.

You should make sure at least 5 days a week are dedicated to dancing.

It isn’t only about learning to dance. It’s also about developing healthy, positive, fun and exciting friendships.

In the beginning, when you have a little baby, the only way you’re sure to develop a good social circle is through the daily interaction with all your co-workers (who you’ll call colleagues). You cannot have such a good social circle without your co-workers and your friends, too.

After spending some time with your co-workers, make sure that every week you have some time to join your friends and your students from school. It’s very good that some of your colleagues also have some friends in school as well.

In addition to the regular dancing, you should also make use of a couple of different activities:

1) A Playtime!

If you spend part

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What are the 4 types of social dance? – Social Dance Form
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