What are the 10 dances? – Social Dance Meaning Quotes About Positive Attitude

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It is possible to choose one or two dances. All the dances may also be learned by others, but you will want to start early because they are a great way to start for young children. They teach the same principles as most of a child’s dances and are easier to learn and perform.

In a few words on the lessons, how are they taught? (Note: These dances are not as easy as some other dances. Please note this is a “Dance Basics” video. There are still many steps you should be able to do!)

They are taught by having little kids and their parent dance in the circle or around each other. A parent should be involved, they should be dancing in the dance. The kids do not have more control as they can’t do any physical contact with the parent, they still can “watch” the parent.

The father may try to “help” his child as he has his hands on a little hip-hop chair. The parents have their hands in the “dance” or the “circle”.

After the dancing is completed (at most a couple of times), children will be able to:

play around – take turns making songs

take turns making songs have fun

have fun dance around – a few simple steps

do some steps together

do some steps together move away from each other – with the help of parents

move away from each other dance around and get some air (they should be able to start and stop in a few seconds – you can see the children bouncing in the circle after the “dance”).

do some steps together dance around and then do some steps together

Afterward a parent must tell everyone they are ready to go and leave.

Now lets talk about the techniques for each of the dances or at least the basics. If there is a particular technique that sounds like you are “hooking” then you are ready to move on to this segment. These dancers also teach the same principles as the other dances, but there is one more thing to do – you can always practice them and then try out different positions with new steps or different body types.

I have always been curious about the way the little kids are dressed. Is this “dance”? Is this what is considered a “dance”? What kind of costume or what do they usually wear? How many people are there? I don’t think I want to see any other kind of dancing!

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What are the 10 dances? – Social Dance Meaning Quotes About Positive Attitude
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