Is hip hop a social dance? – Social Dance Essay

Well, the definition of dance has changed since the 1960s:

In the early sixties, the term dance was more of dance around the dance around things rather than a physical practice. But by the 70s, hip hop is generally assumed to be the origin of dance. Also, for a while the definition of “dance” was “rap music with a beat”. So the current definition of dance is “to play with beats” – which doesn’t really describe what hip hop is really about.

Now, of course, hip hop has evolved since its inception. But it does seem to be an example of a cultural phenomenon that has grown from a subculture into what it is today.

So, is Hip Hop a social dance? I believe so. I believe that hip hop was invented by people who were attracted to the cultural movement it represents in the late 60s to mid 70s. I also believe that it’s been accepted by those who follow hip hop as the authentic expression of their culture.

To me, hip hop is a natural way of expressing social dances, such as love songs, dance recitals, street dances, etc.

What Is a Social Dance?

I think the common definition of “social dance” seems to be like what they call “pumping the brakes”, where a lot of people do something and everyone keeps walking. They say something like:

“Hang on to the wheel of the social dance” and “let us have a good time in the social dance!”

And that’s what they should say!

But the term “social dance” isn’t a bad one. I know that all dance aficionados have used the term “social dance”. I mean, they can’t take credit for it or any of these terms, but that doesn’t matter as long as it’s an accurate definition of social dancing.

How about “banging the brakes” where people perform a certain type of movement, but all the attention then goes to people that are still dancing (or who don’t do much of anything). That’s the term “gung ho”.

The thing is, even people who say they’re a gung ho dancer can’t fully explain it because they’re in the middle of other things. There’s nothing wrong with trying to perform a dance, but not trying at the same time is frowned upon, especially when it

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Is hip hop a social dance? – Social Dance Essay
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