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I think it’s just a way to get around feeling angry. As a kid from Indiana, I’m not the most athletic of people, so it can be fun to do a lot of moves that are physical or to do things where you’re on top or doing it off, but it’s not the same. I’m just trying to get out there.”

DATE : March 30, 2008



DATE OF PUBLICATION : February 27, 2004

ABSTRACT : This study examined the impact of the collapse of a part of the Soviet Union’s Ural Mountains National Park on its ecological resources, including the presence of wild birds and mammals, the distribution and health of water, the quality of land surface and groundwater resources, and the potential for the rehabilitation of local ecosystems.

PURPOSE : To determine whether or not the park had experienced widespread, localized impacts related to the collapse of the Kuzmin NPP; and, if so, to examine whether the park’s ecosystem was affected.

METHODS : Six researchers from the Ural Mountains National Park, Russia, were assigned to conduct this investigation. The team members were interviewed to obtain information on the park and its natural resources. Data collected included ecological surveys and biological surveys, bird surveys, air pollution monitoring, field work and research, forest cover monitoring, and survey activities including removal and reclamation of roads, construction of structures, and plantings of trees.

RESULTS : After the Kuzmin NPP collapse and the subsequent collapse of the nearby Ural Mountains National Park (MUFAP), local populations of deer, reindeer, elk, reindeer calves, and wild boar began to decline dramatically. The researchers determined that bird and rodent populations at the park were significantly reduced, the range of the lake was reduced, and plant and tree cover at the park was reduced. The researchers concluded that the park’s ecological services and values were significantly impacted, as well.

CONCLUSION : The impact of the Kuzmin NPP collapse on the park’s ecosystems is one of the largest and most extensive examples of the consequences of human-influenced disturbance of nature. Further, it may be a significant factor in the loss of biodiversity on this vast landscape.

The Soviet Union’s Kuzmin NPP, located about 75 kilometers north of the Russian capital, Moscow, formed the basis of

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How dance can help you mentally? – York Social Dance Studio York Pa Craigslist Apartment
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