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Well the answer here is: It depends. The meaning of the word is not as it is used. It is commonly used in a sense different to the one we are used to. This sense is also not common. There seems to be some debate as to when it comes into our language. Some scholars think Waltz really refers to the beat of a flute. Others say Waltz refers to the sounds of a flute. However a definitive answer to this question is not known. And yet there are other interpretations. For instance if Waltz means the beat of a flute, the whole of Waltz would have to be changed to flute beat, and the word would have ceased to be German, and be replaced by flute beat. But that is not the case. Waltz could mean either or both meanings. The truth for Waltz is somewhere in the middle. Some may argue that the meaning Waltz actually is of a “flute beat.” That it consists of both beats. It is the “flute” that is the rhythmic instrument and it is the beat of the flute that the listener is experiencing in the music. So Waltz sounds different for English, German, and for Spanish/Portuguese speakers than it does for European or American speakers.

A Note on The “W” Sound

A number of German words have “w” written right on them, or are even written with a single “W”. I have listed them below:

EINWERD – German for “to speak”.

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EINWOLF – German for “to eat” (wärte ihn)

EINWURT – German for “to fight” (wurde ihn)

EINWERT – German for “to walk” (wückt ihn)

WALZIN – German for “to beat” (wälzine ihn)

WADLING – German for “to dance” (wehndl ihn)

WALZNÜHN – German for “to drink” (dädling ihn)

I hope that my listing of the German word “Wärtes” has given you a better idea of what the word Waltz means when it is used in songs and songs with lyrics and that I am not confusing it with the word “Wärte” that was in German as late as the

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Does Waltz mean to turn in German? – Center For Social Dance Schedule 2020 Nascar Standings
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