Who buys the most saffron? – How To Grow Saffron For Profit

How does it affect the price of saffron? Find out the answers to these questions.

In his book The Spice Master, former world champion Marlon Jackson talks about how his own spice shop in a Mumbai slum has been transformed into a global business that now delivers saffron to almost 100 brands in 42 countries. He also mentions that in 2014, the Indian Government approved for procurement 10,500 metric tonnes of saffron and other spices from India, which now constitutes 70 per cent of the total imported spice.

According to a recent press release issued by the Maharashtra Spice Board, the current market for spices is estimated to be around 500 million metric tonnes of raw material and 60 per cent of market in India. The company sells its products through a network of over 4,500 shops and outlets across India.

The spice-saffron combo
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Saffron has a special significance in India as a national emblem of the nation and is used as a spice and fragrance in the state of Kerala and in the south. Besides other traditional Indian uses such as skin care and eye care, saffron is also used for a number of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries of the western world. Besides this, saffron has been used for centuries to treat rheumatic problems by the Hindus as the name suggests.

Today, it is one of the most highly sought-after spices and in the Indian spices market, it is now the most precious spice with an estimated export value of around US $400 million in 2016. But what exactly does it taste good like? To discover out, we decided to conduct our own taste trials at our spice shop in Mumbai.

Our taste test was conducted in two stages, with the first section going from our shop in a shophouse to our favourite street stall. For this, we bought fresh green and white saffron flowers and put them on skewers before placing them in a small tray full of saffron-scented powders. We then asked to smell them while biting into an ice-cream cup full of frozen mangoes.

Our test conducted in a shophouse

Our team of reporters and videographers followed us around the neighbourhood while taking video clips of us as we were eating and drinking, to get the flavor of the saffron and its spice mixture. Our entire experience inside the slum is seen in the footage, with the spice mixture mixed and then placed in our cup of ice cream

What it tastes

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Who buys the most saffron? – How To Grow Saffron For Profit
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