When can I divide saffron bulbs? – Growing Saffron Bulbs Indoors

From 10th to 15th to 17th Sep.

Will I get more of a reward in the first week?

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No, this reward program is on a rolling schedule, so the reward level can change at any time.

Will I be charged by commission?

At least 30% of the sales price plus 5-10% of the final sale price of saffron bulbs (depending on the weight and color quality of bulb).

How many bulbs are included in this reward program?

We also have saffron bulbs, and saffron seeds as bonus rewards.

Can I use any discount discount code at checkout?

YES, we offer a free 10% discount code in the basket box, but if you do not enter this discount code, your item will be charged at 40% discount. So you will need to enter discount code at discountcode.com/free10 at checkout to take advantage of discount, please be sure and write down the 10 in the coupon code box!

Is shipping more than $20 included to all UK addresses?

There is a small shipping surcharge added to the final price for all orders shipping to the UK.

Is there a minimum order size to order?

Shipping is unlimited, so your order will always ship in larger quantities or in larger amounts depending on the size of your order. If you do not specify a limit, then your entire order may ship with one or two saffron bulbs.

What if I want different sizes of saffron bulbs?

We are happy to fit any order size and order quantity so you get the best bang for your saffron buck.

What if I have more saffron than saffron bulbs?

If you’d like to purchase saffron bulbs then please send us your order and we will make sure that your order is sent in the correct size in addition to any extras you need. Your order will be shipped out with a discount code to use at discountcode.com/free10 at checkout.

Are you offering free shipping?

YES! Free shipping on saffron bulbs and saffron seeds!

Can I send the saffron bulbs to my family and friends?

Yes, but no more than 2 bulbs at a time per person or 2 bulbs per address. If you order more than 2 saffron bulbs or 4 saffron bulbs or more than 4 sa

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When can I divide saffron bulbs? – Growing Saffron Bulbs Indoors
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