What month is saffron harvested? – Growing Saffron In Washington State

There are several reasons to choose specific dates for harvesting of saffron. The first reason is that saffron-rich plants are generally grown in hotter summers or after rainy season and their growth is limited. The second reason why saffron is more likely to grow in the summer is its high content of oxygen, or the possibility that a good atmosphere for growth exists. The third reason why saffron is harvested in the summer is the fact that it is the season during which the earth’s crust is particularly thin, which can enhance the activity of the earth’s magnetic field. This magnetic fields can be very powerful, in which case it is advisable to observe the field and avoid activities that may damage the field structure.

Saffron is the world's most expensive spice. Why don't we grow it ...
Saffron flowers and berries are generally seen in the autumn, when seeds are sown. In the same month, however it is possible to identify the dates of the flowering. The flowers of the saffron plant, especially the saffron-rich ones, are greenish in colour and are usually quite compact. On the other hand, those of the flower of the chamomile plant, which is not related to the saffron, are brownish and often covered with a waxy layer on the outside. Since the plants are not normally seen in autumn, the exact date of the flowering is not very important. Rather, which month a particular plant is seen in autumn depends on the season, and even on the weather. According to the weather, certain plants of the same species are in different stages of growth, while others continue as before but become smaller (usually the flowers and seeds are much less prominent because of this) and others are still growing. In the same way, a flowering cycle can repeat during several seasons depending on the growing season.


What kinds of fruits do saffron fruits contain?

In saffron culture you will find the fruit of several species of chamomile, namely Chamaecyparis and the leaves of the plant. Other kinds of fruits included are berries and berries of the tree Damiana. Some of these other fruits include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries but do not eat them. Other fruits are quite rare such as those of the fig (figs and figs are not usually very valuable in food). Some fruits are eaten as a delicacy but the majority of saffron’s use is in other areas. For example, the fruits and seeds of the fig are used in a

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What month is saffron harvested? – Growing Saffron In Washington State
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