Is there a cheaper substitute for saffron? – How To Store Saffron Bulbs

In my opinion there is not one. There are very few ingredients for saffron. I have been using saffron oil, saffron threads , and saffron powder for years.

There is plenty of news about saffron and the industry that has improved dramatically over the past 10 years is all about creating better products.

All you gotta do is look how easy it is for any manufacturer to produce the saffron powder in home kitchens.

If you are able to get your hands on saffron powder then you can start saving a lot on oil costs.

Some saffron users even claim that you can make saffron oil in your oven. It’s that easy.

What Can I do if I am concerned about saffron oil

What you can do is to eat whole saffron as a health food.

This is a very natural way of consuming saffron.

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I know some of my readers may have already decided to leave saffron powder out of their diets. It is a very interesting story but unfortunately, most of our readers end up eating a lot of saffron powder.

I believe that once you have seen all the benefits saffron can provide, don’t hesitate to add it to your diet.

Here are some more benefits of eating saffron including an alternative to saffron oil.

More Benefits of Eating Whole Saffron

All the benefits above that saffron powder also offers can’t be found in one small ingredient.

They can be gained by enjoying a dish made of whole plant, or by eating whole seed saffron.

The most popular dish of whole plant seed saffron is sesame seed saffron (Sesamum sativum), but it is also possible to use fresh or dry seed saffron as well.

If you are a fan of saffron and the taste is pleasing then try eating a big bowl of this dish to experience all the benefits saffron has to offer.

Other benefits of eating whole seed saffron include:

Higher in essential fatty acids and fiber compared with whole grain, rye, wheat or gluten free saffron.

Higher in chlorophyll compared to other seed sources.

Higher in antioxidants compared to whole grain, rye, wheat or gluten free saffron.

Saffron does best at temperatures between

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Is there a cheaper substitute for saffron? – How To Store Saffron Bulbs
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