Is saffron flower the same as saffron? – Saffron Planting Time

Yes, it is saffron. It is very common in both India and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Palestine). The saffron seed has also been used in ancient India for medicinal purposes.

Where you get it from depends on where you are from and where in India you are living (for example in the Arabian peninsula or West Bank.) For these areas, saffron seeds are usually imported from India to the West Bank during the growing season. These seeds are sometimes sent to East Jerusalem, Palestine, after the drying phase.

The seeds of the dried seed of the saffron flower are often sold for a little more than the flowers, although you may get something like 1 kg of dried flower seeds for one kg of flowers (or roughly 25 flowers of average quality for 1 kg of dried flower seeds).

Is saffron paste an ingredient in traditional Indian cuisine? Yes, a lot of Indian restaurants sell saffron paste. Some countries do make use of saffron paste in dishes such as pakorasia, chicken korma and dahl bhut puri. However in general saffron paste is very difficult to find outside of India, especially in UK supermarkets.
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Is there a difference between saffron and cardamom? Yes, saffron is actually two separate flowers. The first half of the flower is called cardamom and is native to South Asia, especially India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. It is actually a plant that gets its name from its scent. It is not particularly fragrant.

The second part of the flower is called saffron and is native to Africa. It is not very noticeable.

What is saffron pollen? The white powdery stuff called saffron is found in most parts of the world. It has a very complex smell, unlike cinnamon. It is considered an essential oil because it can make almost anything smell good. It does however, help people lose weight. Also when used to make things that smell good, saffron can smell quite bad, especially if it contains much oil.

Is it really a dangerous spice to eat? There is some debate as to whether saffron is actually a dangerous spice. A common myth is that people should not consume the flower because they will die. There is some debate as well on the safety of many dishes, especially saffron dish on Indian restaurant menus, but it is considered safe if it

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Is saffron flower the same as saffron? – Saffron Planting Time
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