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The question that was asked by many is: is saffron a hallucinogenic?

That question was first posed by an anthropologist working on a project to study the effects of Indian ayurveda on a group of indigenous Indians in India who had a particular interest in using it medicinally. His description of the experiment was: ‘On one occasion, we smoked the leaves from the leaves of both varieties of saffron, and a number of men and women became intoxicated, and had visions.’

There have been a number of versions of the saffron experience in Indian literature and culture.
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This particular version is called the siddhan, meaning vision or hallucination in Sanskrit, and there are different versions of the siddhan.

Many of the people that were intoxicated in this particular version were also ‘healed’ with some form of hallucinogenic drug.

These drugs include the hallucinogenic drugs mescaline, psilocybin, and LSD.

A few years ago, a case was brought up for the BBC in England that showed a 14-year old girl being put into a state of ecstasy using drugs.

This case has received a lot of attention because it is seen to be one of the rare cases in the modern world when an adolescent was seduced by a drug, but in doing so, she ‘inadvertently’ took that drug to try and get out of the state of trance which she knew from her own experiences would be the result of the use of drugs.

The girl was eventually released from the state of ecstasy and it’s understood she had an epiphany while sitting in a car in the middle of an Indian hill. She thought to herself ‘hey you know what this is, these are the things that I want to do with my life’ and she began exploring yoga and yoga therapy.

If that is what happened, who gave those drugs to the teenager with no real understanding of the effects that all of that would have on her?

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Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – Saffron Planting Zone
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