Is Iranian saffron illegal? – Growing Saffron In Washington State

In the recent past, saffron has been the emblem of the Iranian people, the symbol of the country, the symbol of the revolution, the symbol of liberation from imperialism, the symbol of the Iranian nation’s dignity.

A number of scholars have highlighted the importance of saffron in the Iranian nation. The renowned scholar-researchers, Dr. Mohsen Golamvar, Dr. Abdolmohammad Bagher Shahpour, and Dr. Ali-Moses Khatami also gave this important point in the book, “Iranian Heritage – Roots & Meaning” (Rashtra Publications, 2016). In the Iranian language, saffron is the name of a plant with special properties, according to the Persian scholars, such as aphrodisiac, fertility, and medicinal properties. Moreover, saffron is the root of the Persian herb, the tanna, which contains many medicinal properties.

Many scholars from Iran have indicated, based on this and other historical cases, the illegality of saffron because of its relation to various religions and religions that have banned the use of saffron. Thus, saffron is one of the many plants that have been forbidden for the propagation and practice of other religions.

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Is Iranian saffron illegal? – Growing Saffron In Washington State
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