How saffron is harvested? – Saffron Crocus Not Flowering

Once you have picked the leaves of a saffron plant, you put them in a jar.

They are dried for 7-10 days and then roasted. The roasted leaves are then used in the cooking of saffron dishes.

The leaves of a saffron plant are ground and used in different recipes. Some saffron dishes are eaten when it is fresh and others when it is still green.

Is saffron harmful?

Saffron is a medicinal plant which helps cure ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In fact, some saffron preparations have been reported effective for improving skin complexion.

It is often added to dishes as a flavouring agent. It can also contain high levels of vitamins and minerals.

If you enjoy the flavour of saffron, it is highly recommended to add a little saffron to your dish.

Is saffron healthy?

A little bit of saffron in your diet may even make it healthier. Its fibre content can help regulate blood sugar levels and soothe an upset stomach. It can make you feel full too.

Also, saffron contains a compound called linalool, which acts on the thyroid gland. It can inhibit the growth of hormones and enzymes that promote weight gain. A low level of linalool can cause digestive and renal problems, so try adding a little bit of saffron to your diet in the evenings and on days when you want to stay hydrated.

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How saffron is harvested? – Saffron Crocus Not Flowering
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