How much is a gram of saffron? – How Quickly Do Saffron Bulbs Multiply

(1) A gram (or grain) of saffron is a certain amount of material, about 1.5 milligrams. Each gram of saffron has about 1,000 cells, but there are a finite number of them. The number will vary depending on the size (and quality) of the saffron. For example, a kilo of white saffron contains 1,200 cells. So, one gram of white saffron has about 5,000,000 cells (1,200,000/5). The total number of cells in saffron depends on the quality of the saffron, and the number of saffron grains that are used in the final product (so the weight of a single gram of the product, in grams, will increase when a large number of grains are used). This is explained in larger detail at

(2) The color of saffron depends on the quality of the crop. Blue saffron is the most prized, as it has yellowish-orange veins, and has a lustrous finish. Brownish-orange is very rare in India, because of its high salt content, and also because of the lack of a bright yellowish-orange color in plants that are grown from seeds. Saffron must be dyed. Colorless is most commonly dyed, and black is dyed as a substitute for a darker color. Some cultures use turmeric as a pigment for saffron, but its effect is negligible.

(3) It is not possible to pronounce the word saffron correctly.

How is it sold?

Saffron oil is most frequently sold to be rubbed on dry herbs or flowers as a way to bring aroma and flavor into the area. This is done by the saffron extractor or as a tea. Many countries, such as Japan, China and Pakistan, have their own specialities on the matter:

China: the best seller (around 3 million kg in a year, according to an article by “Dr. Saffron” on of saffron oil is an organic version of the red tea made from the green, bitter, yellow saffron trees, popularly known as “saffron” or “yellow tea”. These green saffron trees are grown in many different

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How much is a gram of saffron? – How Quickly Do Saffron Bulbs Multiply
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