How much does saffron seeds cost? – Grow Saffron Crocus Uk

Saffron is a relatively new import. You will pay around $5.50 for 1 gram and as much as $7.50 per gram in Delhi. This makes it very expensive compared to the main ingredient, turmeric.

How much does powdered saffron cost?

You can get a few grams of powdered saffron for about $1.60. This is a good value for the amount of dried saffron. If you need even more saffron you can buy it in bulk.

How much will it actually make?
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I found a recipe for saffron oil on a website. The recipes include the amounts, cost and time. This gives an estimate that I think is close to the true cost.

I’ll give the amount needed for 1 gram of chopped raw saffron and 1 gram of a powdered variety. 1 gram of saffron is $1 and $2 in Delhi. If a jar goes for $40-50 you could easily make around $70 with the ingredients you need.

Now let’s calculate how much is needed for 3 grams.

3 gram = $4.60

3 gram = $18

3 gram = $72

3 gram = $120

3 gram = $1,560

You can see that if you only need a quarter pound you could easily do this.

This is a lot more expensive but I would not hesitate to use it if I needed a quick or one-time ingredient. You could also get this at your pharmacy too.


Buying saffron is still pretty expensive. If you really need some very cheap spice then saffron might be the right choice. Even in New Delhi a few grams of dried saffron can get you a lot of spice.

There is much debate as to whether or not saffron can be used as a dietary supplement. It certainly has the ability to provide anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits.

But I have also found saffron to be a wonderful ingredient for baking. I use it in baking pies and this has been very popular with my friends. I have also made recipes using saffron and coconut oil.

The nutritional information (in grams) listed on the website is a good guide for how much an average adult should consume to have the same effect.

How much should I buy?

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How much does saffron seeds cost? – Grow Saffron Crocus Uk
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